Wellness Care and Classes

Rachael Aberle is a Certified Massage Therapist, Block Therapist and Yoga Instructor. Enhance your well-being with Therapeutic Massage, Yoga, Block Therapy, and Essential Oils. Remove muscle tension, improve flexibility and posture, release frozen fascia, boost your immune system, reduce stress and relax... 

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Therapeutic Massage

Rachael graduated from Educating Hands School of Massage in 2000 and has been developing her skills in Therapeutic Massage through continuing education and a steady practice. She enjoys the meditative qualities of Massage Therapy and considers it a part of her own spiritual path and healing journey. She enjoys helping her clients reduce stress and pain in the body and bring about a great sense of self awareness. 

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Block Therapy

Block Therapy is an exercise, meditation and therapy all in one practice. A cutting edge, self healing technique that utilizes a block of cedar to exercise and strengthen the diaphragm, increasing the blood oxygen level by up to 600%. The block melts through frozen fascia and creates space for blood flow and energy to the cells, healing the body, mind and spirit. Block Therapy brings the body back into proper alignment and assists in detoxifying the body.

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Yoga is an ancient healing practice for body, mind and spirit. Yoga give us the tools we need to stay steady in the face of conflict and commotion and helps us connect with our divine self, our limitless potential of the human spirit. Rachael is a certified Sivananda Yoga instructor and has been teaching for 15 years.